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Wine Equipment


Fermentation Containers & Accessories

Fermentation Equipment

When making wine at home, fermentation vessels which can be sealed to prevent contamination airborne by bacteria are required. These vessels should also be fitted with a means to release fermentation gases while maintaining a seal. This is usually achieved by use of an airlock fitted to the fermentation vessel.

Most people also find it helps to have two containers of the appropriate size for the wine kit for use when racking. In the case of the 30 bottle kits, some people prefer to start the wine in a bucket with a lid fitted with a grommet and airlock and transfer the wine to a 23 Litre Carboy at first racking.

Plastic Demijohn

PET Demi johns

Capacity: 5 litres – For use with 6 Bottle kits.These Pet Demijohns are complete with a plastic carrying handle. Plain caps and caps drilled with a grommet for an airlock are available.

23L Carboy

23 Litre Plastic Carbuoys

Capacity: 23+ litres – For use with 30 Bottle kits. Made from stain resistant, odourless colour free PET. Bungs and airlocks available.

25L Fermenter

Two Handle 4″ Fermenter

23+ litres – For use with 30 Bottle kits

  • Manufactured in high density polythene.
  • 4″ Neck with cap and “O” ring for positive seal.
  • 4″ neck allows easy internal cleaning.
  • Cap bored to take a standard rubber bung, (Rubber bungs can be solid or bored to take an airlock).
  • Fitted with two handles for easy lifting.

10 Litre Bucket

Complete with Lid

25 Litre Calibrated Bucket

Lids for the bucket are available for 25ltr Bucket with hole and grommet to take an airlock. Lid for 25ltr Bucket – plain (without hole and grommet) also available.


Heaters & Test Equipment


Electrim75 Immersion Heater – The temperature can be preset but it is made of glass so you need to be careful.

  • 25 Litre Heat Tray
  • 2 demijohn heat tray with plug
  • 4 demijhn heat tray with plug – These are best used with a time clock.
  • Brewbelt

Test Equipment

  • W.M Acid Test Kit
  • Wine and Beer Hydrometer
  • Stick on Digital Thermometer strips
  • Vinometer


Syphon Equipment

Syphon tube with sediment trap and tubing


2 in 1 Tool – Bag Decapper and Shrink Tool

This inexpensive, but perfect tool will help you to open your wine concentrate bags and also holds heat shrink neck capsules into place while shrinking them onto the wine bottle.


Filters & Strainers

Minijet Filter

Buon Vino Electric Filters

These filters are of Canadian Manufacture. They are fully motorised and can be used as pumps as well as a filter. We supply both the Mini Jet filter (ideal for the home winemaker) and the Super Jet Fiter (semi commercial winemaker). There are 3 grades of filter pad for each filter: Coarse, Polish and Sterile – available in packets of 3. Check out the Buon Vino website in the link section for more information.

Harris Vinbrite Filter

The Vinbrite filter kit is ideal for any home wine maker. It is simple and easy to use and has been upgraded to allow for much faster flow of wine throughout, allowing you to filter your wine much quicker. Two grades of pads are available for this filter: CrystalBrite and Filtabrite (pkts of 6).

Straining Bag

Straining bags

Standard straining bags measure 60cm(D) x 37cm(Deep).

Large straining bags measure 90cm(D) x 37cm(deep).

Standard straining bag with card measures 60cm(d) x 33cm (deep)

Coarse bags are made from polyester.

Fine / cord bags are made from nylon.

Demijohn and Bottle Brush


We supply the following sizes.

  • 15″ Nylon brushes
  • 24″ Brushes
  • Cranked Demijohn brushes


Bottling Aids for Wine

Ferrari Twin Lever Corker


  • Twin Lever Metal Corker (Trad)
  • Chrome Lever Corkscrew
  • 3 Level Corker – Gilda
  • Ferrari Twin Lever Corker
  • Floor Standing Corker



All of our corks are natural and have a waxed / silicone coating, which means they should not be soaked before use. There are 3 grades of straight corks : Standard / Super / Premium as well as tapered cork. All are available in bags of 30 or 100.

Synthetic Corks 100’s

We would advise using a floor standing corker to insert these.

Natural Plastic Stoppers

An alternative to a cork, but not for long term storage of wine. Available in either packets of 12 or 250.

PVC Shrink Caps

PVC Shrink Caps

We supply the following shrink caps, all available in either 30’s or 1000’s to give your wine that finishing touch.

  • Plain – red, gold, white & green.
  • With Gold Bands – red, black & white.

Auto Bottle Filler

Automatic Bottle Filler

Simple and easy to use. Stops automatically when bottle is full.

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