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Wine Ancillaries

Country Winemakers

Ritchie Grape Juice

Only to be used by people who want grape juice to add to couuntry wines. We do not recommend you use Ritchie Grape Juice solely to make a wine.

Red & White juice is available. Sizes: 250gm / 500ml / 5 Litres.

HedgerowHedgerow Wine Kits

All the ingredients to make your favourite hedgerow wine. This kit is unique as you need nothing else except fruit, sugar and water. Makes either 6 bottles (4.5 litres) or 30 bottles (22.5 litres).



A clay powder used to clear wine. It forms a gelatinous paste which causes the proteins to coagulate and sink to the bottom leaving a brilliantly clear wine. Suitable for vegetarians. Size : 100gm.

Kwik Clear large Kwik Clear small

Kwik Clear

An outstanding two part fining (gelatin/kieselsol). Brilliant clarity is often achieved in less than 24 hours. Has little effect on flavour and bouquet of the wine.

Sizes: Small (sufficient for 135 litres) or Large (sufficient for 270 litres).

Wine Finings

Ritchies own formulation giving superb clarity with most wines, also reduces the harshness of red wines. Contains Isinglass. Size : Sachet(sufficient for 6 bottles), 114ml (sufficient for 42 litres), 500ml (sufficientfor 200 litres).


Prem Crus Yeasts

All are available for 30 bottles (22.5 litres)

  • Red Wine.
  • Sparkling Wine – Recommended for all sparkling wines and very dry wines, as it may ferment out sugar even in the presence of stabilisers. High alcohol tolerance and can be used for stuck fermentations with success.
  • Dessert/Pale Aperitif – Recommended for Red Dessert and Port wines.
  • Restart – A special yeast which will restart many of those difficult stuck fermentations.
  • Sweet Wine – Recommended for Sweet and Dessert wines.


Acid Reduction Solution

Used to reduce the level of acid in wine or must. Size: 57ml.

Amylase / Clearzyme – Starch reducing enzymes

Starch hazes can occur in wines made from grain, bananas, or root vegetables. These enzymes turn the non-fermentable starch into fermentable starch. Clearzyme also contains a pectin destroying enzyme. Size: 25gm.

Campden Powder

Added to wine after fermentation (1 teaspoon, same as 1 tablet,per gallon) to preserve the wine. Size: 90gm.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid occurs naturally in most fruits and is the most popular single acid. It is simple to use and has a pleasant fruity flavour. May be carefully added to country wines to create an attractive flavour in otherwise low acid flat wines. Size: 50gm, 100gm or 500gm.


This can be added to a finished wine to help reduce harshness and make it feel smoother. Size: 114ml.

Lactic Acid

This is a weak acid and is good to use in red wines which are excessively acidic. They are added to induce a malo-lactic fermentation to reduce acidity. Size: 57ml.

Malic Acid

Malo-lactic fermentation occurs naturally in fresh wines (i.e. Champagne). It is a third fermentation that normally occurs in the bottle and produces a pleasant freshness to white wine and reduces acidity a little. Size: 50gm.

Oak Chippings

Can be added at any time during fermentation to emulate the flavour created in commercial wines by maturing in Oak Casks. The amount added depends on how strong an ‘oaky’ flavour is required in the wine. Size: sachet for 22.5 litres.

Pectolase Powder

A pectin destroying enzyme which needs to be used when using fresh fruit or vegetables which are high in pectin. A pectin haze could form and prevent the wine from clearing. Size: 30gm, 90gm, 400gm.

Potasium Sorbate

This can be added to inhibit refermentation of wine in the bottle if required. Size: 25gm.

Sodium Metabisulphite

Can be used as a sterilising agent to clean equipment, also can be used to suppress unwanted bacteria and ‘wild’ yeasts before a fermentation, and also to preserve a wine after fermentation has completed. Size: 100gm, 500gm.

Steriliser Powder

Ritchie Steriliser Powder is a cleaner as well as a steriliser. It is used by many major brewers. An essential item in any winemakers arsenal. All good winemaking starts with cleanliness. All sizes come in resealable plastic tubs. Sizes available 100gm, 200gm and 500gm.

Tannin Powder

Tannin is naturally found in the skins of grapes. Red wines benefit from tannin as it improves the taste. It is the tannin in wine that gives the impression of dryness in the mouth. Tannin is beneficial to wine being stored for a long time. Size: 12.5g drum.

Tartaric Acid

A natural acid found in grapes and is said to improve the character of the wine. Size: 50gm.


The best selling yeast nutrient & energiser In the UK. Ideal for 4 week wine production and preventing stuck fermentation. It prevents stuck fermentations and aids country wine making. Size: 5gm, 100gm, 200gm.

Wine Sweetener

To improve the sweetness of finished wine if it has fermented out too dry. Contains saccharin. Size: 57ml, 225ml.

ElderflowersFruits & Flowers

  • Dried Elderflowers
  • Dried Elderberries
  • Dried Sloes
  • Dried Rosehips
  • Dried Rosehip Shells
  • Juniper Berries