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Vintners Reserve

Winexpert_Vinters_Reserve2Vintners Reserve, the industry’s first 28 day winemaking kit, contains 100% pure varietal grape juice and concentrate.  This 10 litre wine kit continues to set the standard in its category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma.  Vintners Reserve offers a wide range of varieties that allows the winemaker to experience numerous styles and tastes.  Enjoy within one month of bottling.



Vintners Reserve Reds

Cabernet Sauvignon

A bold, medium-bodied red wine with rich black fruit and hints of spice.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Light | Body:  Medium


Berries abound in this smooth, medium-bodied Merlot.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Light | Body:  Medium

Mezza Luna Red™

Vintners Reserve ‘big red’ wine offering.  Rich and flavourful, this purposeful blend marries intense aromas with complex flavours bursting of cherry and raspberry.  Boasts dark red colours and a superb oak enhancement.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Medium | Body:  Light-Medium

Pinot Noir

This elegant fruit-forward style has aromas of black currants and cherries.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Light- Medium


Blackberry, spice and chocolate leap from the glass of the full-flavoured red wine,

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Light | Body:  Medium

Diabolo Rojo

Dark purple in colour with a nose of blackberry jam melded with creamy vanilla aromas, and a touch of tobacco.  The finish is long and fruit-filled, with the perfect amount of tasty oak.  Off dry, this wine is perfect for enjoying right away, delicious with robust foods, and excellent on its own.

Sweetness:  Off-Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body:   Medium

Vieux Château du Roi™

A smooth, medium-bodied red wine with flavours of red and black berries, with notes of spice and oak.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Light | Body:  Medium


Sangiovese has a lively finish, with smooth tannins & a hearty zip of acidity, a dash of white pepper and warm toasty oak.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Light | Body: Light-Medium


Vintners Reserve Whites


A wine best enjoyed in its youth with clean refreshing flavours of tree-ripened fruit in a dry style

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Light-Medium


A smooth, appealing Chardonnay with vanilla, oak and apple notes.  A touch of acidity to refresh the palate.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Light | Body:  Medium

Piesporter Style

Vivid fruitiness and lively acidity gives this wine excitement and refreshment.

Sweetness:  Off-Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Medium

Pinot Blanc

A dry, refreshing light-medium bodied white wine with delicate tree fruit notes, such as apple and pear.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Light-Medium

Sauvignon Blanc

A dry, full-flavoured white wine with grapefruit, apple and herbaceous notes on a crisp, clean palate.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Light-Medium


A medium bodied, white wine, low in acidity, with aromatic notes of peaches and apricots.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Medium

Mezza Luna White™

Full, round and flavourful, with big fruit flavours and aromas.  The oak provides a subtle yet noticeable balance to the fruit intensity.

Sweetness:  Off-Dry | Oak:  Medium | Body:  Medium


Vintners Reserve Rose

White Zinfandel

Sweet plums dance across your palate.  A refreshing, medium bodied wine with a touch of sweetness.

Sweetness:  Medium-Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Medium