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Selection International Series

Winexpert_Selection2Selection Wine kits contain 100%  pure varietal grape juice and varietal grape juice concentrate.  This superb kit combines simplicity and consistency, to produce wine of great flavour, aroma and complexity.



Selection Reds

Australian Cabernet Shiraz

The medium-full body and complexity of Cabernet Sauvignon and the ripe fruit flavours of Shiraz come together in perfect harmony.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body: Medium-Full

Italian Sangiovese

Italian Sangiovese has a bright red cherry character, overlaying strawberry notes, with hints of violets and white pepper.  Its medium body and long, wonderfully smooth, tannic finish is livened by a zing of acidity and toasty oak.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Medium | Body: Medium

New Zealand Pinot Noir

New Zealand’s finest.  A delicate wine with aromas of violet and luscious red fruit characteristics of cherry, strawberry and raspberry.  Silky tannins grip your palate and end with a velvet, smooth finish.  An elusive aftertaste of spice and toasty vanilla makes you long for more.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Medium | Body: Medium

Luna Rossa™

Big, bold and bountiful with loads of rich black fruits and oak.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body:  Full

Vieux Château du Roi™

A soft, easy drinking red wine with plenty of character and charm.  A wine for many occasions.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Medium | Body:  Medium

California Cabernet Sauvignon

Fruit flavours of cherry, raspberry and blackcurrant with a tremendous backing of tannin & structure.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body: Medium-Full


Medium in body with a luminous dark cherry colour.  Rich & spicy fruit – it is not for the faint hearted, but for those seeking intensity & complexity there is nothing quite like it.

Sweetness: Dry | Oak:  Medium | Body: Medium-Full

Italian Montepulciano

Montepulciano generally produces wines that are smooth & mellow yet robust & mouth filling, with dependably high alcohol content.  Deeply coloured, rich red wines with blackberry fruity flavours & spicy tannin levels.

Sweetness: Dry | Oak:  Medium | Body: Full

Chilean Carmenere

Deep Crimson, with dark cherry aroma, red fruits and berry notes, running to a smoky, spicy finish with notes of dark chocolate and tobacco.  Medium body and moderate tannins.

Sweetness: Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body: Full

Luna Rossa

Bold, robust and intense.  A dark, inviting colour and rich with bold oak enhanced aromas.  Luna Rossa is complex, with rich layers of fruit and solid supporting tannins, capped by a long oak finish.  A powerful wine matching startling flavours and aromas with elegance and finesse.

Sweetness: Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body: Full

French Merlot

Rich with ripe fruit and berry flavours, yet soft and elegant.  Dry, full-bodied and deeply coloured, with a complex velvety taste, accentuated with premium French oak.

Sweetness: Dry | Oak:  Light | Body: Medium


Selection Whites

Australian Chardonnay

A medium-full bodied wine with rich, ripe fruit and plenty of oak and vanilla gives this favourite a buttery smooth mouth-feel.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body:  Medium-Full

Italian Pinot Grigio

A bright, crisp, dry white wine with notes of perfume and spice on the nose.  Fresh and lively with flavours of citrus and almond.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Light-Medium

California Riesling

A beautiful floral bouquet with flavours of citrus, apple and sweet spice.  This is a crisp, clean, refreshing white wine.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Light-Medium

Luna Bianca™

A rich, buttery bouquet with flavours of tropical fruit, vanilla and oak with a smooth, round mouth-feel.

Sweetness:  Off-Dry | Oak:  Heavy | Body:  Full

California Chardonnay

An elegant Chardonnay with citrus and fruit nicely wrapped with vanilla.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Light-Medium

California Viognier

A delicate yellow colour, tinged with the varieties typical ‘green-gold’ hue.  It bursts with apricot, peach & spice aromas.  As it matures it can also display hints of jasmine, honeysuckle, kiwi, mint, orange blossom & even mango!  While higher in alcohol than many white wines, it drinks well young nonetheless.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Medium

California Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp & flavourful – the famous grassy, herbaceous bouquet & flinty after taste are here, with the generous acidity that is typical of the grape.  Steely, grassy and defiantly dry.

Sweetness:  Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Medium


Selection Rose

White Zinfandel

A soft, refreshing, medium dry rosé wine with flavours of red berries.

Sweetness:  Medium-Dry | Oak:  None | Body:  Medium