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Beer Equipment

Top Tap King Keg Economy BarrelBarrels

All Barrels are complete with cap, tap & brass valves, which is both a pressure release as well as an injection valve and takes an S30 gas cylinder.

These barrels can also be fitted with a valve complete with a piercing pin, which takes 8gm gas bulbs, at special request.

25 Litre Economy Barrel 2″ neck

10 Litre Economy Barrel 2″ neck !New

King Keg Bottom Tap

King Keg Top Tap with float system.

King Keg Barrels have a 4″ neck to aid cleaning.

8gm Bulb Holder 4 inch cap with valve 2 inch cap with valve

Barrel Accessories

  • Quickserve Tap
  • W.D.Drum Tap
  • PD Cap 2″ with S30 – Fits Economy Barrel
  • PD Cap 2″ – Fits Economy Barrel
  • Black Cap 4″ with hole only – Fits King Keg Barrel
  • Black Cap 4″ with S30 – Fits King Keg Barrel
  • 4″ Cap Spanner (metal or plastic)
  • Float Set complete (Latstock)
  • 8 gm Sparklet Bulbs
  • S30 Cylinder
  • S30 Valve Complete

Electrim Mashing Bin

Ideal for mashing. The mashing bin has a 25 litre capacity, and is fitted with a 2.4Kw element and an adjustable thermostat to control mashing temperature.

Crown Caps and Cappers